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This bundle contains everything you need to paint your front door.  We put a 16oz pint of ALL-IN-ONE Paint, in your choice of color, a 16oz pint of Surface Prep Deglosser, Syntec Brush, A True Applicator and Foam Roller.  This is everything you need to paint your front door with great results.  Just choose your color and you're ready to go!  


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Note:  16oz will cover approx 70 sq ft.  That means you can do your enterior door and side lights (panels), or your front door inside and outside.  This bundle will also paint a small project like a bathroom vanity, a piece of furniture, a leather wingback chair. etc. 


Colors may vary on depending on your monitor.  If you need a specific color, we highly recommend our Color Selector Card to see an accurate representation of the color.  


Steps for Painting Your Front Door:

1. If your door has been previously painted and there is any loose, peeling or textured paint, give it a light sanding with a medium grit sanding block to remove anything loose.  If this step doesn't apply, skip.

2.  Scrub your door thoroughly with our Surface Prep Deglosser to remove any surface oils, debris, bugs, etc.  Wipe away with a dry rag.  After 30 seconds you're ready to paint.

3.  Tape off any glass areas.  Be cautious to not get deglosser on glass as it will etch.  For trim around glass, use a sanding block on those areas to remove debris.

4.  Tape off handles, glass, anything you do not want to paint

5.  Protect yourself and your surroundings from paint splatter

6.  Open door to paint. Base coat your door by applying paint to True Applicator and rubbing on and immediately stipple (Brush & Stipple Technique).  If the door has panels, start with one interior panel at a time. Then move on to outside sections.  Work quickly.  Leave a wet edge.  Allow coat 1 to dry approx 30 mins or until dry to touch.  

7.  Apply the paint using our Brush & Roll Technique, Work in small areas.  If the door has panels, start with one interior panel at a time.  Brush on a liberal coat of paint with your Syntec Brush, and immediately roll over it using the Foam Roller with light pressure.  Keep rolling until smooth.  Repeat on each section until done.  Be careful to leave a wet edge, especially when painting in heat or dry climate.  Allow coat 2 to dry 30 mins or until dry to the touch.

8.  Once door is dry to the touch, you can close your door.  



*You'll want to paint your front door when you know there are several days of good sunny weather (no rain).  Temps 60-80 Degrees F are ideal.  

*Remember first coat is the ugly coat and establishing the bond.  Don't panic!

*Watch our Get Started Videos.  You can get there from our home page.  

*To keep your AC in and bugs out, you may want to hang a plastic drop cloth with painters tape to your front door opening.  This keeps bugs from drying in your wet paint. 

*If you're not a neat painter, you may want to hang a plastic drop cloth with painters tape on your wall behind where you're painting.  Use a drop cloth on the floor underneath of your door.

*Put tools in a plastic baggie & put them in the fridge between coats.  Once your door is painted, immediately wash tools with dish soap & warm water.  




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More Information
Size 16oz Pint
Manufacturer Heirloom Traditions Paint


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